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Hi! I’m Abby, the culinary wizard behind Yes to Yummy. My favorite color is purple and I am prone to random bursts of laughter, dance and French expressions. Ice cream is my kryptonite and my alter ego is crazy, tea-chugging philosophical old cat lady. I’m a Food Studies major  — and member of the class of 2019– at NYU Steinhardt, as well as a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. Welcome to my blog!


If you have a question or comment, feel free to email me at or leave me a message on Facebook. I’d love to hear what you have to say or help you out!


Though I have always loved food, my passion for cooking began the summer before my freshman year when I decided to get healthy before high school. I started eating a lot more fruits and vegetables and making all of my meals from scratch.

You know how they say too much of a good thing is a bad thing? Well, something like that happened to me. I became overly obsessive with measuring out my portion sizes and NEVER let myself indulge. My weight got down to unhealthy levels, and I found that basically starving myself wasn’t beneficial at all, both physically and emotionally. I was tired, hungry, and frankly sick of eating bland, boring food every day for lunch just because it was “healthy.”

Slowly but surely, I began to shake off my disordered eating habits and develop a much more positive relationship with myself and food. Health isn’t and shouldn’t be defined by an often inaccurate number, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. This is the body the world has given me; why on earth shouldn’t I love it and accept it?

Nowadays, instead of strictly adhering to a specific “diet,” per say, I strive to eat a wide variety of nutritious, healthy foods. You could say I’m a clean-eater who loves to cook. While I do dabble in gluten-free, vegan, and raw recipes, it’s more because I find them tasty and interesting, not because I think wheat is the devil or we should spend our days munching on celery.


My goal is to show you that healthy food can be DELICIOUS. All of my recipes are prepared with whole ingredients–no or little white flour or margarine here-! These dishes will both satisfy you and make you feel great. 009




For more information about what I eat, visit my FAQ page.

You know what they say: you are what you eat…so why would you want to be anything other than awesome?